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I don’t know about the others, but Lady Jewelpet is sort of more like Aikatsu to me. It has transformation sequences, but not really anything else.

Oh, okay I understand know. I haven’t seen any of them yet. 

Edit: I mean I haven’t seen any Jewelpet. I’ve seen a few episodes of Aikatsu! Both seem so cute!

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Anonymous said:
does the jewelpet series count as magical girl stuff? (they transform, but they dont gain powers or fight evil if that's what it is...?)

Yes is does! I was looking into the other day on Animenewsnetwork and for some reason Lady Jewelpet isn’t considered one? All the others are, just not that one for some reason. 

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みえこ 小野咩子
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The original is from “The Children’s Book” which I spotted at Fuck Yeah Vintage Illustration, a rad tumblr and one of my favorites for inspiration.

Made a Sailor Moon version because of nerd reasons.

In case you guys wanted to see what I was up to during the hiatus

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There is something about magical girl transformation sequences that makes me overwhelmingly happy. They’re just so pretty! ^_^ And the spinning! aaah!

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にーた@レイフレ い43、44
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Read right to left.

Comic by Cockpit.  Translated by Sailor Scribbles.


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she wears short skirts i wear short skirts

we are sailor soldiers and in the name of the moon we will punish you

Oh My God.

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I said this before in an answer post somewhere, but whenever I stumble upon Mamoru-hate for the break up in the R season, I just…I just don’t understand. It’s like we all watched different shows or something.

Was I the only one who watched Mamoru suffer like a kicked dog?

I mean…

  • Usagi had friends, family and guardians by her side, constantly keeping her spirits up.
    Even in her moments of solitude, she could still fall back on her optimistic, happy-go-lucky attitude to pull her out of her depression.
    It was in her very nature to convince herself that things would turn out fine in the end if she just believed in Mamo-chan.
  • Mamoru was all alone.
    With the guilt of having hurt the one person who had accepted him for who he was.
    Without any friends or family to guide him towards the right thing to do.
    A self raised orphan, barely in his twenties, who, when push came to shove, separated himself from the soul mate he had barely found, just to keep her safe.

I understand that the break up was horrible and yes, no one wanted them to separate, but really HOW COULD ANYONE NOT SYMPATHIZE WITH POOR MAMO-CHAN? He had it so much worse than Usagi.


/has obvious feels about the matter

I totally agree with you. Even though I do understand the hate for him because of the break up, I really don’t see how you couldn’t sympathize with him either. 

I mean duh, this dude is plagued by shit in his brain. HIS SUBCONSCIOUSNESS acted on its own as the Moonlight Knight. He dreamed of a princess WHO HAPPENED TO BE REAL. He was BRAINWASHED and almost killed the love of his life. 

And you think he’s going to take threats about Usagi JUST LIGHTLY? Um no. Of course the way he handled was the hard way, but do we really think an introverted rich guy with an inferior complex in Classic is going to do this the right way? 

Look, I’m with you. Break ups suck and Mamoru wasn’t very great with how he did it. But was it needed? In my opinion, yes. If that was the way that Mamoru thought Usagi would be saved, then don’t beat up the guy for doing what he believed was right. 

I know I would break up with my boyfriend if any danger came to him. Especially if my track record was to have intense mental visions of doom that typically come true. 

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